February 2008 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends,

It is exciting to see a ministry that has a passion for God. When a missionary or guest speaker visits a church and sees the Holy Spirit work, it is often the result of much prayer beforehand on the part of the church people and their pastor. We witnessed such an event in Panama City this past month. James preached a message on having compassion for souls from Matthew 9:36-38, and many folks came forward. As one young girl approached the altar, Amy pulled her aside and asked her what she wanted to pray about. She replied, “I want to tell Jesus that I’ll be a missionary if He wants me to.” Amy prayed for her, and then the girl prayed, consecrating her life to God in her own child-like way. We report this particular case with unspeakable joy since this little girl is our daughter, Lauren! Pray that God will keep her pure and devoted to His calling and that we will have wisdom in training her to be a servant of the King.

On the Home Front For some time now, we have sought God’s will in the matter of relocating to Pilar. Although all the doors are not shut yet, we sense that God wants us to wait on buying a house. We looked for a house to rent before coming back to the States and recently on the Internet. We have not yet been able to find a house suitable for our family in the price range that we need. We still have our home in Escobar to go back to, but we need to establish ourselves in Pilar as soon as possible. Pray that God will provide a home in the next few months.

Support Increases Praise God for His faithfulness! Our support now stands at 89%. Since we’ve been home, three new churches and one individual have partnered with us to bring our support back up. We will be in a few new churches in our remaining two months in the States. Pray that we will see new support come in through these meetings.

Upcoming Events
2/3 – Hillsdale Baptist Church, Tampa, FL (Godly Heritage Sunday)
2/10 – Mikado Baptist Church, Macon, GA
2/17 – Kennerly Road Baptist Church, Irmo, SC
2/24 – Hendrix Road Baptist Church, Florence, AL
2/27 – 3/1 – Grace Baptist Church, Wilmington, NC (missions conference)

Serving the King of Kings,
James, Amy,
Jaden, Lauren, and Josiah Greenwood

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