God’s Hand of Protection

Close Call or God’s Hand of Protection?
It can be easy to take for granted God’s hand upon our daily lives. Ever since our plane departed Tampa, we have seen God work in miraculous ways to protect us. Here are a few of them:
· During one of our flights, the attendants began to serve a snack. We were at the front of the plane, so we saw when the first bag of peanuts was handed out. Amy told the crew that our son, Josiah, is extremely allergic to peanuts and they immediately put all the peanuts away!
· Our plane was delayed by an hour or so, due to mechanical problems beforehand. Therefore, we were the last international flight to land in Buenos Aires for that morning and most of the customs staff had already gone home. Since there was only a skeleton crew, no one even looked in our bags! This was a huge answer to prayer, since customs is always looking to impose a tax on what you bring into the country or ask for a “tip” to get out of paying the tax.
· We put $300 down on a mini-van to reserve it while the dealership handled the paperwork. Ten days later, the paperwork was still at least a month from completion. They gave us all our money back. According to the law, they could have kept our money. Then, God gave us something even better!
· While at a nearby cyber café, Amy’s cell phone was stolen. That night on the news there was a report of a teen shot to death after his cell phone was stolen. This was a reminder to us to praise God that the phone was stolen without an incident.
· Josiah is also allergic to onions, but it has always been minor enough that he can have a little ketchup once in a while. We allowed him to have one packet of ketchup on his French fries and that night he broke out in hives from head to toe! After three doses of Benadryl, he was OK. Praise the Lord it wasn’t worse. No more ketchup for this kid!


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