Just a quick update on the exciting things the Lord is doing here in Pilar:

Meeting Place – We have asked you to pray for some time now for a meeting place for our weekly Bible studies. The Lord has provided that place! We will be renting the former BBN office. Since they closed the office in February, the owners were never satisfied with those who sought to rent the place. However, as soon as James showed up with Benjamin (the former BBN manager), the owners were delighted to rent it out to another ministry. We should sign the contract this week and we can begin meeting soon!

English Classes – Amy has begun teaching English here, but several more have asked her to start teaching them too. She is hoping to use our neighborhood clubhouse for classes for adults and children. We have already made many in-roads with our neighbors and have been able to verbally witness to several about our faith in Christ.

Another Day at the Dentist – Many of you know about Jaden’s bike accident back in December and how he broke his front tooth. Since then, he has had to get it repaired 4 times. Now he has to have a root canal and is on his second round of antibiotics. We’ve been spending our past 3 Monday afternoons at the dentist’s office for this! Today the dentist said he’s not getting better like she expected, so she will do a more drastic procedure this Thursday instead of waiting another week. Please pray for Jaden regarding this matter.

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