October Prayer Letter

Annual Pastor’s Conference
Every October, Independent Baptist pastors and missionaries from Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Bolivia get together for a time of preaching and teaching from God’s Word. This year the church in Don Torcuato (where we are helping) hosted the annual event. James organized and led the music, and Amy organized and taught in the children’s program. It was a joy to serve in this capacity and to fellowship with God’s servants! Click here to see pictures of the conference.

Lessons, Lessons, Lessons
Our children have been learning so much of the culture and “life lessons” by being able to run freely in the neighborhood while playing with the other children. We are so thankful for these learning opportunities for the kids.

Jaden and Lauren are both taking piano lessons now, and doing quite well. Maybe we’ll have a pianist by the time we get our own church building!

“Cruising Along”
When our son Josiah is working through his daily schoolwork, he often says, “We’re just cruising along here!” This is also the case with the new work in Pilar. We are “cruising” through each doctrine from our doctrinal statement. As expected, we hit a little bump in the road when we came to the gifts of the Spirit. Those who come from Pentecostal backgrounds were very confused by the false teaching they have believed. Please pray that we would deal with each person with wisdom and the love of Christ.

We also continue with one-on-one discipleship with Benjamin, Alejandro, Veronica, Andrea, and Virginia. We have seen remarkable progress in the spiritual growth of each one. They have each opened up to us, sharing their struggles and how the Lord has worked in their lives. May the Lord be praised that we would be able to learn enough of the language and culture in order to minister to the hearts of these precious saints.

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