Update on Building Search

Special Prayer Request

We found a building to rent in the center of Pilar, not too far from where we are now. It’s a house on a main avenue that can easily be converted into a church set-up. Of course, it would also need some paint and lots of soap and elbow grease!

We have enough ministry funds to pay the rent, but our church people would have to give to cover the monthly expenses (power, gas, taxes, etc.). But, that’s a good thing! We have a nice little group of 25 right now (representing 7 families) and they need to be involved in all aspects of this church plant.

We presented this prospect to the group Wednesday night at our weekly Bible study. They were very enthusiastic about the idea of a bigger building and having Sunday services soon. We passed out slips of paper for them to let us know how much they could give monthly in order to help us plan for the expenses. One of the men added it up and came up with plenty and then some! We were pleasantly surprised!

James spoke with the realtor again to make sure we can make the necessary changes. He said that was fine and we will have that written in the contract. Ideally, we would like to have the keys in hand by December 15 so we can get to work and have it ready for VBS with the Clearwater Christian College mission team January 5 – 10. Please pray for the Lord to work out all the details, as only HE can!

The upfront cost is the main obstacle we have right now. As customary, we need to pay a deposit, realtor’s commission, and other fees. This adds up to $3,000. We have $1,500 in ministry funds that we can use. We will take a special offering at the Bible study. Pray with us that God will give us the exact amount we need and if God would have you to contribute to this need.

The red dot is the facility for rent. The green square in the middle is the main plaza. Our current location is 5 blocks to the west (on the other side of the plaza). We would continue to have access to bus lines and the train. Parking is available on the property or on the street.

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