God’s Work, Done God’s Way

Last Monday (12/15), we were perplexed when the deal fell through for the building we wanted to rent. They gave us our deposit back without even a counter offer! Though disappointed, we continued to search for a building, but to no avail. We knew then that God’s plans and timing were different from our own.

We still had to make plans for the VBS in January. Since we couldn’t hold it at a church building, we decided to have it in our backyard. The down side is that we wouldn’t be able to invite as many children, but the positive side is that we already know almost all the children in the neighborhood. So, we proceeded to print flyers and invite people, and God kept working. The neighborhood “manager” (who is in charge of who does what here), has been very helpful in allowing us to advertise for the VBS. They are also allowing us to do a fireworks show at New Year’s and then the CCC mission team will give a mini-concert right there at the clubhouse.

On Saturday, we went house to house, introducing ourselves and passing out the invitations to the fireworks show and the VBS, along with a church brochure and a little mini-loaf of homemade banana bread. We were able to reach about 25 neighbors that day, and will keep going until everyone is invited. The reception was wonderful! Of course, they all wanted to know the whole story of the North Americans who live in their neighborhood, but we tell it gladly!

Just today (Monday), Amy was speaking with one of the neighbors, the mom of an ESL student. Because this lady is a neonatal doctor at a nearby hospital, she asked if she happened to know our friend who is a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Martinez-Ferro. It turns out she was a resident under his charge many years ago. She went on and on about how much she admires him on a professional level, to the point that if one of her children had to have surgery, she would want him to do it. Amy shared with her how we are friends through church, and that seemed to give the ministry we are doing here instant credibility and that was another confirmation that God wanted us to hold this VBS in this neighborhood.

Right about the same time, the realtor for the original building we wanted called back and counter-offered the exact price we were waiting for! Praise the Lord for how He works His perfect will in His perfect way!

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