Building Search

After waiting and waiting December and January, the realtor finally told us that the owners were not interested in our offer to rent the church building we were looking at. We had to take God at His Word, as this was a great disappointment not only to us, but to our church people. We continued to look, but every possibility turned out to be too small or too expensive.

This morning, one of the ladies called about a place that recently came up for rent. The realtor told her that it was no longer available. However, later this afternoon, he called her back and told her that the deal fell through because the renter’s co-signer did not work out. So, we went right away to look at it.

It is on a well-traveled street, exactly in the central area where we want to be. It is another house that is being rented out for commercial use. It is 20 meters across in the front, which would give us even greater visibility. We can easily take down two walls to make space for 50 chairs, and then another two walls for another 25. There is a small office we can use for a nursery. There is a big classroom in the back with its own boys and girls restrooms that we will use for our main classroom. It also has a kitchen and garage. They are asking the same as the first building we were looking at.

The realtor is going to run all this by the owner and will call us, so please pray that this deal goes through!! We are really wanting to begin Sunday services in March.


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