May Prayer Letter

May 2009

Little by Little

What a joy to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord with an early morning Easter breakfast. It was followed by a special service with 29 present!

Sunday services continue to go well, with new visitors every week.  Most of our visitors are referred to us by the BBN radio station. 

Visits to our Spanish web site have increased since we advertised Sunday services on BBN.  There were 359 unique visits to the site in the month of April!  We recently added two short videos—one showing the church-plant progress and the other is evangelistic.  

On Wednesday nights we are studying family issues, particularly child rearing.  This is a very necessary subject to teach, as the philosophy of the day teaches everything opposite of the biblical model.  Our people are absorbing these new concepts and, Lord willing, will put them into practice in their homes.    

Disciple Making

“Go ye therefore, and teach…” (Mt. 28:19).

More and more we are reminded of the importance of personal discipleship.  We all must meditate on God’s Word if we ever hope to see any real change in our lives. A large part of our role as missionaries is to teach believers God’s Word and how to study it.  

We continue one-on-one discipleship with our Christian neighbors, Alejandro and Andrea.  Amy is also leading a bi-weekly ladies’ discipleship class with three regular attendees. Of course, it is impossible for us to do all the discipleship ourselves, so we are thankful that three of those we discipled last year are taking the initiative to disciple others.  That is precisely the goal—to multiply ourselves! 

The most exciting discipleship class right now is a brand new believer James is meeting with weekly.  Our friend, Dr. Martinez-Ferro, witnessed to his work associate, Pablo, many times. He finally put his trust in Christ.  Since Pablo lives here in Pilar, Dr. Martinez-Ferro sent him to us, and Pablo has been coming to church ever since!  James is doing a six-week study for new believers with him.  He has a ton of questions, and it is a joy to see his spiritual growth!  Our prayer is that Pablo’s wife and four children will come to know Christ as well.   

The Search Continues

The search continues for a larger facility.  The original building we thought we were going rent back in December is still available, but with a different realtor. We went back to look at it and found this new realtor is actually ready to do business! So far, the owners have agreed that we can make the necessary changes to open the space. Please pray for the Lord to work out the details if this is His will.

“Our responsibility can never cease so long as we have a life to live for Christ and a whole world still waiting for the Gospel.”


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