Music School Concert

The Lord opened a tremendous opportunity for sharing the Gospel tonight through the Maranatha Baptist Bible College mission team. The music school where our children attend on Saturday mornings eagerly opened their doors to the mission team for a classical and sacred music concert. The music school took care of invitations, set-up, and even a reception afterward!

Members of the MBBC team did several classical numbers. Then, the second half of the program was sacred, with the Gospel interwoven in the presentation of each piece. We estimate that there were 75 people there who probably heard the Gospel for the first time! Many asked questions afterward. All received more literature at the door, with an invitation to our church and another concert this Friday evening.
At the end of the concert, the director of the school (I believe she’s Catholic) stood up and shared her personal reflections from the concert. She said, “We are a secular institution here and there are many faiths represented. My personal opinion of this group of students is that they demonstrate love in the message of their music and in their facial expressions. There is definitely a difference in these young people, and I believe it’s because of their faith.” …Wow! She could not have underscored the Gospel message any better!
Please pray that those who are interested would come to the concert this Friday night and the Holy Spirit would prick their hearts with the words they heard tonight.

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