Sunday update

Wow! What a great worship service at IBI Pilar Centro today! You could almost call it “international day” since there were families from six different countries – Argentina, United States, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, and Bolivia.

There were FIVE new visitors today. Of course, we are happy to see all visitors, but one was a special answer to prayer because we’ve been praying for Carlos to come to church. One month ago, his wife and daughter came to church for the first time and got saved. Two weeks later, another daughter got saved. His wife, Edit, is being discipled and is growing in the Lord by leaps and bounds in this short time. We were overjoyed to see Carlos, Edit, and their three daughters show up at church this morning! After the service one of the men pulled Carlos aside to counsel him and he put his trust in Christ! Afterward he said, “I’ve always believed in God, but after I saw the change in my wife I knew I needed the kind of faith she has.” To God be the glory!

We not only rejoice in another soul saved, but also in that all four of these converts were counseled by our church people. They have been through intense evangelism training and are prepared to do exactly what every believer should be doing –- leading the lost to Christ! Praise the Lord for their faithfulness!

One important prayer request – we have an appointment this week to visit another recent convert and his wife. Please pray for his wife’s salvation. Thank you.

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