Update 11.22.09

Today was another great day at IBI Pilar Centro! It was a full house, with seven first time visitors! When James was acknowledging the visitors at the end of the service, one stood up and said he had never been to a church where the preaching and even the prayer seemed so “spiritual” and so profound. To God be the glory!

We were planning on waiting until January to knock down the wall between the auditorium and the garage, but it can’t wait. (Certainly a good problem to have!) So, we will be at the church most of this week to try to get the majority done before next Sunday’s service. Please pray that the work will go smoothly, with no surprises, and that we will have all the help we need.

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf. We have had a string of visitors and church people alike with all kinds of problems looking for help and counsel – marriages on the brink of divorce, couples living in adultery, a young guy addicted to drugs, an alleged child abuser, economic problems, and health issues. Praise the Lord God has given us His Word, which is sufficient for all our problems!

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