February 15 update

Greetings from balmy Buenos Aires, where the humidity is so thick you can cut it with a knife and the only shade relief is from the swarm of mosquitoes hovering over your head, waiting for your repellent to wear off!

Saturday night we took three other couples to a Valentine’s Banquet at a fellow missionary’s church in La Plata (almost 2 hours south), where James was invited to preach. The banquet was wonderful and the fellowship with our church people was sweet.

Even with 13 of our people out sick or on vacation yesterday, our attendance was 39. Praise the Lord for this growth! We are excited to see two new families not only faithfully attending, but also getting involved in serving! They are both helping to clean the church, passing out tracts, and inviting their friends and family to church as well! One of the new couples, Adrian and Sara, will begin Basics for New Believers this Saturday. Yesterday we went to lunch with another new family (Gado, Yoly, and their 3 young children) that has been visiting because they are seeking to relocate to Pilar. We are praying they can find a house to rent soon.

L to R – Delfina (Gado and Yoly’s daughter), Mateo, Rocio and Camila (Adrian and Sara’s 2 daughters)

We are now two weeks into our “Jerusalem Project,” an effort to invite every house within a 10-block radius of the church to the evangelistic campaign March 17 – 20. Our church people have gone a great job so far going door-to-door distributing flyers the past two Sunday nights. Our goal is to distribute 1,000 per week. We printed a total of 8,000 flyers! Please pray that we can all keep up the momentum in order to reach the most people possible. Please pray that we would see new visitors over the next several weeks as a result of this advertising.

By His grace alone,

James & Amy Greenwood



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