God’s Protection

Yet he [Christ] has not left himself without testimony: He has shown kindness by giving you rain from heaven and crops in their seasons; he provides you with plenty of food and fills your hearts with joy. (Acts 14:17)

Rain from Heaven – February is not even over and there has been more than 16 inches of rainfall this month. That is FOUR times the average for the month of February! In our area, many streets are impassable. People have to abandon their cars so they can literally swim or wade their way to their homes. We praise the Lord for His protection in the midst of this flooding. We have a large van and our house is built up high enough to keep the water out. We have been affected and somewhat inconvenienced, but have not suffered any personal or property damage. God is so good to us.

Another instance of God’s protection came this afternoon as we were traveling on the interstate. We witnessed a car force another car off the road, block it, and then they forced two men out of it and into their own car. They then sped off with the two men (one elderly) in their own vehicle. We and maybe 10 other drivers witnessed the scene and called 911. We were able to get the license plate number and report it. It was such a helpless feeling to not be able to do anything, as it might have risked injury to our own family. However, once again, God protected us.

Despite all the rain this weekend, the Lord brought 46 people to church on Sunday morning! Then, for our Sunday night outreach, 28 showed up to pass out tracts. We exceeded our goal of 1,000 tracts per week! We are amazed at these numbers, including the new record of 33 at Bible study Wednesday night.

As we look around at how God is working, we can’t help but feel in awe and humbled by His goodness to us. Our hearts are filled with joy!

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