May Prayer Letter

Teaching Others Also…

One of the most exciting aspects of shepherding is being a part of the spiritual growth of your sheep.  We look forward to seeing more of that growth through the new discipleship classes begun this month: The response has been phenomenal so far with 23 men, women, and teen girls in their Sunday night small groups, 8 in Tuesday ladies’ Bible study, and 16 adults in the new members’ class!

Amy also began a 10-week English as a Second Language (ESL) course as an evangelistic outreach. Please pray that church people will bring their friends and that the unsaved will come to know Christ through this outreach.

Where Is a Gideon?

“Where is the man who gives up ambition?

Worldly desires are all set aside.

Where is a Gideon?

Where is a man?

Who’ll be a leader and follow God’s plan?”

The words to this song by Mac Lynch continue to echo through our minds as we watch God grow our church numerically and spiritually, yet we lack willing and capable men to serve as deacons and teachers.  Some are capable, but sadly, not willing.  Others may be willing, if they were capable.  Please pray for the Lord to work in the hearts of the men whom He would have to serve as leaders.  Pray for wisdom for James to be able to identify and further train those men.

Youth Ministry

With all the current ministries already going on, we are physically unable to take on anything else.  However, the need remains for a ministry to the youth of the church.  There is a group of about 15 youth who need opportunities for fellowship with other Christian friends.  We will be meeting with interested members to see about organizing a youth leadership committee.  Please pray for wisdom for us, and once again, willing and able leaders in this area.


  • Sunday attendance averaged 57 in April!
  • Discipleship classes began this month
  • Sixteen in the new members class

Prayer Requests

  • Salvation of Mele and Marina
  • Willing and able men to train for leadership positions in the church
  • New youth ministry
  • Lacking $383 monthly support
  • Schedule meetings for 2010/2011 furlough late October through February
  • Wisdom and funds to purchase property for the church to build their own building

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