July Prayer Letter

World Cup Action

Excitement is in the air as the FIFA World Cup Tournament is in full swing.  Argentina has done well up to this point, making life a little more pleasant for everyone!  Political tensions, economical woes, and criminal activity have taken a backseat to the headline coverage of every detail of the worldwide tournament that occurs only every four years.  Argentina takes on Germany in the quarterfinals this Saturday, and hopefully the joviality will continue!

Youth Ministry

The six-member youth committee successfully launched the new youth ministry this month with a well-planned and well-executed meeting.  There were 11 teens there, all children of church members.  Please pray for their friends and classmates to join them next time!

Missions Team

We are thrilled to host 19 teens and sponsors from one of our favorite supporting churches, Mikado Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia.  They will be here July 16 – 26, which is our winter break.  They will take advantage of the kids being out of school by holding a five-day VBS and two youth rallies at the church.  Please pray for safety and good health for the team members throughout their trip as well as for the Lord to impact their lives for missions.  Also pray for many to be reached with the Gospel, especially here in Pilar.

Internal Growth

We have asked you to pray for the Lord to raise up male leadership in the church and God is answering!  Three men are serving on the youth committee.  One man is going on weekly visitation with James.  Two other men are taking James’ Christian Living class at a nearby Bible college.  Lord willing, their willingness to learn and serve will help them to become the leaders in their home and church God would have them to be.

Our attendance numbers really climbed at the beginning of the year, but now they have held steady for the past few months.  This does not discourage us at all, though, because we are seeing exponential internal spiritual growth!  Men and women who were spiritual babies when they first came to our church are now hungry for the meat of God’s Word!  It is absolutely amazing, and we give God all the glory!

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