Mikado Mission Team

On Friday, July 16, 19 teens and sponsors from Mikado Baptist Church debarked their plane from Georgia and descended upon our doorstep in Argentina.  That day was the coldest in the past decade but they warmed our hearts with their spirit to serve.

We spent all of  Saturday at the church cleaning, doing minor repairs, and decorating for the upcoming VBS.  They each pitched in where they were told with a joyful attitude.

In the afternoon, about half of the teens went out canvassing in the plaza.  They thoroughly enjoyed giving out candy, animal balloons, and “silly bracelets” to the kids while inviting them to VBS.  There were several interesting interactions with the unsaved, which served as reminders of the great need for Christ in this country.

One of those interactions involved our daughter, who was doing all the translating at the time.  An elderly gentleman approached them and spoke harshly to them, accusing Baptists of being just like the Universalist church and stealing people’s money.  Lauren politely explained that was not the case, but he insisted and proceeded to argue with a nine year-old about religious matters.  Lauren stood her ground and did her best to share the Gospel with this lost soul.  After more than 20 minutes, the man finally walked away.  The group decided to go back to the church at that point, which was only 2 blocks away.  A few minutes after they got there, the man showed up in front of the church.   He had followed them back!  Amy spotted the man trying to engage Lauren in another argument and “mama bear” rescued her little cub!

The team contributed greatly to our Sunday morning service with testimonies, special music, and hymn playing.  Pastor Pete preached an excellent message and many responded.

Afterward we all had lunch at the church together.  Our church people enjoyed getting to meet the teens and interact as much as possible, despite the language barrier.

We look forward to our first day of VBS tomorrow.  We have no idea what kind of response we’ll have since this is the first children’s activity we’ve held at this location.  We are praying that God would be glorified through it all.

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