God’s Blessings Overflowing

Winter Vacation Bible School

On Friday we finished a week of VBS with the help of the Mikado Teen Mission Team. It was a wonderful week with our church people and the mission team working together. We had three age groups who rotated between three stations -– Bible lesson, craft, and games. The Mikado ladies prepared and led crafts for the ladies, which was quite a popular feature. There were several teens who came every afternoon, so they had games and a devotional for them as well.

There were a few visitors who came as a result of our canvassing, but the majority came with a church member. There were 18 first-time visitors, and most of them did make a salvation decision! Two of the mothers with their children were back at church Sunday morning! Please pray as we follow up with each of these families.

Teen Rallies

Thursday and Friday nights we held back-to-back youth meetings. The Mikado team did a great job with games and skits. Pastor Pete preached a timely message each night. On Thursday there were 23 teens from the area and 30 on Friday. A highlight for everyone was the Argentine asado on Friday night, which included grilled steak and several homemade salads. Once again, we could not have done it without the sacrificial efforts of our church ladies.

We really saw God’s hand at work in the lives of several teens. One made a salvation decision and at least eight said they needed to get right with the Lord. To HIM be the glory!

We are so thankful to the 15 teenagers and 4 sponsors from Mikado Baptist Church who made a huge impact on the children, teens, and adults alike in our ministry. We are proud to hold them up as examples to the folks here in Argentina. They were a tremendous blessing and encouragement to our family as well. We would like to thank those who supported and prayed for this team to be able to come on this missions trip and those of you who prayed for their ministry while they were here.

1 thought on “God’s Blessings Overflowing

  1. Hermanos:
    Es una bendicion recibir sus correos y ver como estan trabajando dia a dia en la obra de nuesro Salvador. damos gracias a Dios por personas entusiastas y comprometidas como uds. reciban un abrazo calido y nuestras oraciones.
    Dios los siga bendiciendo
    Cenobio Rosa emma y Alexis Rodriguez

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