Victory…despite the obstacles

Sunday night we began a new round of discipleship classes. The enthusiasm is thrilling as the groups continue to grow. We, in our own mindset of how things “should” be, keep scratching our heads and saying to each other, “These are supposed to be SMALL groups, ideally 8 to 12 people. What do we do when more people want to sign up?” Obviously, we are going to welcome each one and encourage them to keep studying God’s Word…no matter our own “ideal” or pre-determined class size!

Just as we were about to close in prayer, Cristina, a lady who owns a shop nearby, came in the church, looking very distraught. We have done business with and witnessed to her and her husband for well over a year. We have invited them to church many times, but they never would come. So, I knew something must be important for her to come in now. We stepped outside to speak in private, while the ladies in my class prayed. She told me she was going through a difficult time, and needed to speak with James and me as soon as possible. I prayed with her and told her we would come by her house the next night.

The next evening, at 8:15 p.m., James and I got in the car to go make the visit. As we pulled out of the driveway, the wheel well was making a strange squeaking sound, the same sound as when it totally broke off a few months ago. So, we parked the car and called a taxi to come get us. They didn’t tell us there would be a delay, but the car took 45 minutes to arrive. While we were waiting, James (who already had a cold), noticed he now had a fever. No doubt, Satan was putting every obstacle he could in our path because he knew God was already working in this lady’s life!

We finally arrived at her house at 9:30 p.m., an hour late. Cristina told us what had brought her to this point of actually asking for help. We shared the Gospel with her and she put her trust in Christ!! In witnessing, we usually follow up a salvation decision with a question like, “If you were to die yesterday, where would you have gone?” to help the new convert understand the change that just took place in their life. We didn’t even get to that point when she told us that she was without hope and going to hell up until less than hour ago! She was even thankful for the hurt and difficulties she had been going through because she realized God used them to bring her to faith in Him! Wow!

Just to help you understand a bit of the culture here, I’ll tell you what happened next… We left their house at 11:00 p.m., walked down to a sandwich shop, bought dinner for the family and our houseguest, and then took a taxi home at about 11:30 p.m. (James’ fever did break in the middle of the night and he’s feeling a little better.)

First thing this morning, James took the car to the mechanic to get the wheel fixed. Halfway there, the noise stopped. The mechanic inspected it and said there is nothing wrong, that maybe a rock got stuck in between the wheel and the brake pads. Could Satan have used a rock to hinder us from making the visit? Yes. Could God have miraculously fixed the car? Yes. Either way, will we give God the glory? Yes!


1 thought on “Victory…despite the obstacles

  1. Praise the Lord. How awesome a story to hear. God truly does work in mysterious ways. I’ll be praying that Cristina will now start coming to church and that she might be discipled in her walk with Christ.


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