November Prayer Letter

Missions Conferences

We kicked off our furlough with two exciting missions conferences already in two vibrant ministries.  The first church, Faith Baptist in Taylors, South Carolina, has supported our ministry since last furlough.  Honestly, we often wonder who really does read our prayer letters, but one after another approached us and asked specific questions regarding these letters.  What an encouragement!  They showered us with so many gifts that it was quite overwhelming!

The second church, Tucson Baptist Temple in Tucson, Arizona, is pastored by Pastor Brent Armstrong, whom we got to know in his former church in South Carolina.  The folks at this church are so excited to have missions conferences for the first time ever and to see the church almost double this past year under Pastor Armstrong’s leadership.  Once again, they treated us like royalty!


No Child Left Behind

One blessing of being in cities like Greenville is seeing friends and family there.  One night of the conference was particularly busy reuniting with friends from college and the ministry.  The kids rode home with someone else and we stayed a little later to fellowship.  By the time we left, only Dr. Bud Steadman, BWM executive director, and Ron and Barbara Brooks, BWM field administrator, were left.

Just as we arrived at our host’s home, we got a phone call from Dr. Steadman.  Apparently, Josiah was planning on riding home with us, but he was in the bathroom at the time we left.  Oops!  Of course, the one and only time we ever left a child behind it had to be with our BOSS! As we pulled into the church parking lot, James promptly informed Dr. Steadman and the Brooks that “No Child Left Behind” was George W. Bush’s initiative, not ours! Just to pour lemon juice on our paper cut, Dr. Brooks whips out his camera and documents the incident on film!  We are so thankful for godly administrators who also have a good sense of humor!


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