January 8 update

We are overwhelmed with God’s grace and goodness…certainly so much more than we deserve!  In our last prayer letter, we expressed various financial blessings as well as certain needs.  Since then, God has continued to provide in ways that only confirm our return to Argentina in February.

· A generous offering was given to help with our support deficit.

· Another offering was given to pay for James’ return airline ticket.  (He had used his miles to pay for his flight here in order to have more flexibility.)

· More unexpected funds came in to help send the teens to summer camp. Amazing! Two kids weren’t planning on going to camp because of the financial difficulty. When they found out about the scholarships, they were all so excited their boys could go!

God has used these gifts to strengthen our faith as well. We were a bit discouraged last week as Lauren’s Emergency Room medical bills started to arrive in the mail. We are actually appealing the insurance company’s penalty for visiting an ER instead of an urgent care facility. Pray this can be resolved in our favor.

We have been in 3 churches already this month. We are thankful for the prophet’s chambers at Oakwood Baptist in Anderson, SC and Northside Baptist in North Charleston, SC that have given us a little “breathing room.”  I type this as we are traveling to a small church in South Central Pennsylvania that has indicated they would like to take us on for support, if all goes well.  The kids have enjoyed seeing some snow along the way!

Amy Greenwood


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