Departure Update

Dear Praying Friends,

The time of our furlough is coming to a close. It has been an eventful 5 months, rehearsing what God has done in Argentina in 23 different churches, getting reacquainted with old friends, and making new ones.

· Please pray for our travels as we depart for Argentina Tuesday, the 22nd. James drives to Greenville Monday, and then on to Raleigh Tuesday to drop off the van we rented from a ministry there, Missionary Assistance Group (MAG). He then flies from Raleigh to Atlanta to Buenos Aires on Delta. Amy and the kids will fly from Tampa to Dallas to Buenos Aires on American Airlines. Lord willing, we will all meet up again in Buenos Aires on Wednesday morning, 2/23.

· Please pray for our transition back into ministry in Argentina. We have an exciting year planned for the church in Pilar, focused on training our people how to evangelize and be spiritual leaders. Amy and the children need your prayers as they get back into the swing of a school schedule.

· Please pray for our physical health, especially Lauren’s. She will go back to her urologist right away to discuss if another surgery is necessary right now or if she needs more tests done. Also, we still have outstanding medical bills for her for ER visits in the States.

· Please pray for right priorities as we keep God and family first. Many demands will be put on us in the ministry and we need to be able to not commit to do too much.

· Please pray for patience as we unpack, finish, and get settled into our new home. We still need kitchen cabinets, doors installed, some flooring, and two bathrooms finished in order to make it functional and comfortable for a family of five. There are many other projects that need to be done, but they will have to wait until we have the time and money to complete them.

Thank you to all of you who have been so kind and hospitable to us when we were in your homes and churches. Thank you for your faithful prayerful and financial support.

By His grace alone,

James, Amy, Jaden, Lauren, and Josiah Greenwood

2 thoughts on “Departure Update

  1. It was so wonderful to see you all and spend a week with you in our home. We will miss you, but know you are busy about our Father’s work in Argentina. I will pray for your travel plans and that the Lord will bless your adjustment back into life in Pilar.
    With much love,

  2. Today is a great day for you folks as you arrive back. Mary Ann and I will be praying for you, that your m inistry will control to grow and be blessed of the Lord in a special way. May God bless you mightily. Reynold and Mary Ann Lemp
    Winter Garden/Calvary

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