Safely Home!

Thank you for praying for our departure Tuesday. James returned the rental vehicle in Raleigh and flew out from there. The kids and I flew out from Tampa. It was a bit overwhelming closing up the house we were staying in, doing the final packing, and managing three emotional children, but the Lord’s grace brought us through. My dad and some sweet friends helped us out at the airport with our 16 pieces of luggage. I could not have done it without their physical and emotional support!

When we arrived, our furlough replacements, the Schmidts, and other BWM missionaries, the Estremas, met us at the airport. Pastor Schmidt was more than ready to hand the car keys back to James! There are few other things that can cause you to lose your sanctification than driving in this crazy city!

At church that evening, the church people surprised us all with a party to express their appreciation the Schmidts as well as welcome us home. It was a special time. They planned and executed an Argentine asado (BBQ with all the fixin’s) and presented gifts to the Schmidts, Martin (their translator), Victor (who taught every Wednesday while we were gone), and us. They gave testimonies of how the church body unified through our absence and they saw the importance of taking it upon themselves to encourage one another and reach the lost. Those three things are DIRECT answers to our prayers for them!! Praise God!

By His grace alone,


3 thoughts on “Safely Home!

  1. We love you ministry and love you folks.You letter and pictures were such a blessing to us. Keep up the good work and may the Lord keep His hand on you. We are praying for you

  2. It’s always good to hear how God is working in the Argentinians and also in your lives. I will to pray for you to have wisdom in how you spend your time and effort and for Lauren’s health.

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