March Prayer Letter

Home, Sweet, Home!

I think every dedicated missionary goes through an identity crisis of wondering where exactly is “home.” If home is where your heart is, then Argentina is home to us! On February 22, we said goodbye once again to our family and friends in the States and returned to the place God has called us to minister. Click here for the rest of the story with photos.

Inevitable Changes

It’s been said that “change is inevitable—except from a vending machine.” We have seen many positive changes in our ministry that took place in our absence. Our church people are unified, taking more initiative and ownership of the work. The adults and teens alike have bonded and continually encourage one another. One girl who was rebellious and severely depressed a few months ago is now sitting on the front row, taking notes during the Sunday messages!

On a lighter note, it is exciting to see the new growth in our community. Two new shopping centers have opened, both of which boast a Starbucks Cafe! There are now five McDonald’s and three Burger King’s in Pilar. Not that we care about the fast food (especially after 5 months of traveling on furlough!), but those are indicators of growth and a strong economy.

Facing the Challenges

There are several challenges we must face personally, and as we get back into the role of pastoring. Please be in prayer over these matters.

· First of all, we need to finish our house. It’s liveable, but not presentable for hosting evangelistic Bible studies and dinner parties. We’re doing what we can, when we can.

· This month we will be losing dear friends, neighbors, and church members – the Quaglia family – when they move to Miami, Florida, because of a job transfer. They have served faithfully since the beginning of this church plant, playing the piano, ushering, bookkeeping, translating for visitors, and many other important tasks. Pray for God to bring along others to take their place.

· One of our church families is going through a crisis with their daughter. Please pray for wisdom as we spend many hours counseling the family.

· Other ministry activities (listed below).



Safe and uneventful return to Argentina

Unified church body

Men continuing to fill leadership roles after our return

Married couples’ Bible study led by layman, Benjamin


Prayer Requests

Monthly support – 93%

Wisdom and funds to purchase property for the church to build their own building


Looking Ahead

3/12-13 – Canvassing for special services

3/18-20 – Special services for 1st anniversary of IBI

3/27 – Quaglia family moves to Miami L

3/29 – Men’s leadership class begins

4/3 – Begin Sunday night discipleship classes

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