Happy Anniversary!

Praise the Lord for a total of 17 visitors during our special anniversary services this weekend!

On Friday, Amy counseled with one lady about salvation.  After dealing with her for over an hour, explaining the Gospel, and answering her questions, she asked why she felt like there was a battle between good and evil going on inside of her.  Sadly, she did not trust Christ that night.  Yes, there is a very real spiritual battle for souls! Actually, all week long we personally felt like Satan was throwing darts at us to try to distract and discourage us – multiple health issues in our family, our only car breaking down and in the shop for two days, and a crisis counseling situation with a church member. However, we saw God at work protecting us and then blessing these meetings!

On Saturday, James got to lead this man to Christ! He came back on Sunday, eager to learn more of God’s Word! Pray for Emilio to be able to get plugged in to a one-on-one discipleship. Others made decisions as well to become more involved in Bible studies, submit to God’s will in certain areas, and to make changes to put God and family first.

On Sunday, we had our regular service and then a picnic on the grounds. Most everyone stayed to fellowship until about 4:30 PM. What a blessing to see the desire of these folks to be with other Christians.

Since we recently returned from furlough, we didn’t have as much time as we would have liked to plan, organize, and publicize this event. We did go out a few times to canvass the area with invitations. However, all the visitors who came were brought by church members! That’s the way it should be!

Thank you for your prayers.

To GOD be the glory!

James & Amy


1 thought on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. If there were no battles there would be no victories. Thank God for the victories I see you share in the lives of the folks in your church. You are young with years ahead as you serve our Living God. God bless youl We pray for you.

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