May Prayer Letter

Growing in Faith

Discipleship could be defined as the “…increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love” (Eph. 4:16). About 24 men, ladies, and youth are involved in discipleship groups this year. These small groups have become the spiritual yardstick of the church as we get together to study God’s Word, edify one another, and pray in a more intimate setting. Praise the Lord for two couples who are rotating with Amy and me to lead the youth discipleship groups.

Growth through Multiplication

One of the most joyous occasions for a discipler is to see his disciple reproduce himself. Edit got saved over a year ago, was discipled, and is now bringing others to Christ. Pictured below is Beatriz, Edit’s neighbor, who trusted the Lord just last week.

Ramon, a church member who’s been in my men’s discipleship for the past year, is helping me disciple Emilio, the man who was saved last month.

I’ve heard it said, “If you don’t have problems in your ministry, then you probably aren’t ministering.” If that is true, then there is much ministering here in Pilar! Much of my time has been spent in various counseling situations, helping folks deal with their problems in a biblical manner. Praise God for His Word, which is sufficient for every situation!

Land Update

Our land fund is increasing steadily as our church people give! In June 2010, we began taking special offerings for the land project. Our people have given almost $3,400 so far. We recognize the effort they have made, yet we would still like to challenge them to begin giving sacrificially. Pray that God will give us wisdom as we seek His will and timing in guiding our young church through this process and as we look for the right piece of property.

Relying on God’s provision, our goal is to raise $100,000 for the property before June 2012. Will you pray and ask God how you can be involved? If the Lord would have you to give toward this need, you can send your gift to Baptist World Mission marked “Greenwood Church Land Fund.”


  • New discipleship classes
  • $7,096 in land fund
  • Two couples teaching the youth discipleship groups
  • Edit’s neighbor, Beatriz, who trusted Christ
  • Discipleship with Emilio
  • Three lay leaders in training – Benjamin, Carlos, and Ramon
  • Nine prospective new members

Prayer Requests

  • Wisdom and funds to purchase property for the church to build their own building
  • Men’s leadership class
  • Monthly support – 93%


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