Leaders In Training

This week we had a leadership luncheon at our house. We invited three men whom we consider potential candidates for deacons as well as their families. We were able to discuss important issues regarding the future of the work here – the importance and role of spiritual leaders, potential location for a church building, and how to deal with as well as how to encourage new growth. It’s important for us to hear from the church people not only as the church body, but also for us to get cultural feedback on ideas we’d like to implement. We’ll be announcing some exciting projects as soon as we get more details ironed out.

Please pray for these three men as James begins to mentor them for positions as deacons. They will be meeting each week to study the qualities of a spiritual leader, going on visitation with James, and will be expected to be discipling others.

(L to R) Benjamin, James, Ramon, and Carlos

Thank you for your prayers,

James & Amy Greenwood


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