First Semester Comes to a Close

Our fall (March-June) semester of discipleship has officially come to a close. Six men, eight ladies, and ten youth (meeting on Saturday evenings) finished the class.

James teaching the men.

The book we studied this semester went through the basic doctrines, but focused on how to disciple others. Some have felt hesitant to take on the responsibility to be a discipler, but this study was an encouragement to get out of their comfort zone and give as well as receive. Several are already discipling others using this same book or a more basic one for new believers. Out of the 14 who were a part of this Sunday morning group, eight are discipling someone else. When people invest in the lives of others, they both grow spiritually, Christ-centered friendships are formed, problems are addressed promptly, and new believers have a better retention rate.

Amy teaching the ladies.

We will take a winter break for the next month or so, and then begin a new study in August.

Thank you for your faithful prayers,

James & Amy

3 thoughts on “First Semester Comes to a Close

  1. It is always to get a report from you. Bethel Bapt. Ch. is pressing on. a great message today as always. We had a great wk. of VBS tireing but rewarding.
    Pastor Kravitz is doing good. prayers for one another.
    God Bless.
    Lois H. Mission Clerk

  2. So exciting to hear of the good results of this class. No greater joy than helping someone come to Christ and then duplicate themselves!


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