Despite the cold weather and many home with a flu bug, there were 35 folks at prayer meeting/Bible study tonight! (That’s about 50% of our Sunday attendance!) Since we began offering a second class for married couples we’ve seen our Wednesday attendance increase. Praise the Lord!

A visitor named Martin came because he found us on the internet. Before the service he spoke with one of the men, Carlos, and told him he is Catholic, not saved, and being haunted by demons. During prayer request time Carlos publicly asked prayer for Martin’s salvation. (Yes, definitely a cultural difference!) After the service James spent at least an hour with Martin thoroughly explaining the Gospel and he put his trust in Christ! Another Praise! Please pray for his spiritual growth.

We got a call this afternoon from a supporting church in Pennsylvania. They had their VBS last week and decided to take up an offering for our building fund. The little children at this little church in the little town of Shickshinny raised over $1,000. They may be little, but their faith is BIG…and their heart! Another Praise!

This Saturday afternoon there are ELEVEN candidates for membership who will be interviewed by James and the three men who are being trained to be deacons. All eleven successfully completed the six week new members’ class. Another praise!

Please be praying for some important decisions we will be making over the next month concerning how to deal with our space problem.

By His grace alone,

James & Amy

4 thoughts on “PRAISE THE LORD x 4

  1. We pray for you regularly. Praise the Lord for whar the Lord is doing there. We could use some of your cold here in Fla. this summer. We love you folks and rejoice in the way God is using you.We have a great God and are so glad we have been on His team with you folks

  2. Amy,
    Praise the Lord for progress in the work there. We follow your letters and pray. Please send all future emails to our new account. Juno will be shut down soon and we don’t want to miss any of your reports. Thanks. We do pray that your family is all well. Elisabeth will be here next week for a visit. They are expecting a baby in Jan. so we are all excited. Enough for now. Please change our email address in your file and thanks.
    Blessings, Mary

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