God’s Miracle of Grace

Right at three years ago we rented a little building in the city center of Pilar and invited all 20 people on our contact list to a “meet and greet” event. This landmark event would be the first step toward planting our first church and the first ever independent Baptist church in the area. At that event we met Fabio. He had been led to the Lord over the phone by a friend. He was hungry for the Word and faithful to attend the weekly Bible studies in those initial months.

James with Fabio at the Meet and Greet, August 6, 2008

As a new believer, Fabio naturally had struggles in his life. We met with him and his wife many times for counseling, but they both eventually gave up and stopped coming to church all together. The Lord didn’t give up on them, though! They came back with a desire to get right with God. This time, however, others in the church took Fabio and Carina under their wing. They patiently worked with them,encouraged them, discipled them, and even rebuked them when necessary. We rejoice in the fact that they are now growing like never before, applying God’s Word to their lives, home, and marriage. They also recently successfully completed our new members class. So today, we give God the glory for the miracle He’s worked in their lives and the miracle He’s brought into their lives, baby Matias Emanuel.

Fabio, Carina, and Matias Emanuel (“God with us”), July 16, 2011

3 thoughts on “God’s Miracle of Grace

  1. Praise the Lord for the progress that God is giving you folks. We pray for you and trust that God will contiue to enlarg e your borders. Psa. 139 God bless you The Lemps

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