Ministry of the MBBC Mission Team

On Friday night we were privileged to have a summer mission team from Maranatha Baptist Bible College minister in our church.  This is the fourth year in a row they have visited Argentina, and every year they get to see a new stage in the growth of the church plant in Pilar.  In May 2008, we rented a meeting hall and their sacred concert was the very first event we hosted in Pilar.  In other words, it was through their ministry that this church plant first took root in Pilar.  From that time, they’ve seen our building and ministry expand through God’s rich blessings.

Click here to see a video of part of their 2009 visit when they held a sacred concert at the music school our children were attending at the time:  

In preparation for this evangelistic event, the church went out canvassing on Sunday afternoon.  FORTY folks showed up to pass out invitations and tracts!  Needless to say, we canvassed the city center in a short time!

As usual, no one showed up because of an invitation they were given on the street.  However, God blessed those efforts and the compassion for souls our church people demonstrated when 25 visitors came streaming through the door!  Some came because of a radio announcement, but most came as a guest of a church member.  The mission team had to sit on the back patio during the preaching because it was a full house inside!

Although we know of no salvation decisions made that night, many were dealt with about other issues, several promised they would be back on Sunday or Wednesday, and others requested a visit.  Please pray with us as we follow up on each of these.

2011 Argentina Mission Team

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