Children’s Day

Sunday, August 21 was Children’s Day in Argentina. This day is usually accompanied by gifts, children’s fairs, and family get-togethers.

At church, the teens had prepared a lesson to act out for the kids in children’s church. They did a WONDERFUL job making the day special for the children as well as fulfilling the purpose of children’s church – teaching God’s Word. We are so proud of their effort, creativity, and demonstration of service.

We usually have visitors on Children’s Day from unchurched families that just want their kids in church that day for various reasons. This day we had a good amount of visitors, boosting our attendance up to 72. (It was a good thing the teens were out with the kids, because it would have been a tight squeeze in the auditorium!) Praise the Lord for His goodness and blessings on this church plant!

1 thought on “Children’s Day

  1. Glad thast you had a great children’s day. We love what God is doing thru you folks. We pray for you often. Keep up the good word. God bless you is our prayer The Lemps

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