First Church Wedding

One of the greatest joys of ministry is seeing new believers take important steps of obedience. One such couple, Jaime and Delia, asked to get married at church. This was James first wedding to officiate! (You can read the testimonies of Jaime and Delia here.)

Here in Argentina, if the couple is not married in the Catholic church, they must be married “legally” at the local municipality office first. About three weeks prior, the municipality scheduled their civil wedding for Friday, September 2. So, we all scrambled to help the couple prepare. First and foremost, James began premarital counseling with them. Amy began coordinating the program and volunteers from within the church. Instead of a bridal shower, the church people did almost everything for the wedding and reception –- photography, decorations, food, and serving. Even our kids pitched in, playing the piano for the prelude. It was a lovely, God-honoring event. Several church members who never had a church wedding (just a civil one) later asked when they could schedule their church wedding!

Jaden and Cori (Lauren’s friend) playing Canon in D, one of the pieces for the prelude.

James officiating his first wedding.

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