prayer requests

Dear Praying Friends,

This Saturday, 10/1, the ladies are having a Mother’s Day Tea. (Yes, Mother’s Day is in October in Argentina.) It is primarily an evangelistic event. The ladies of the church are excited and have been inviting their family members, friends, neighbors, and even the mothers of their children’s classmates.

· Please pray that the Lord would work in the hearts of the unsaved even now.

· Pray that the event would go smoothly, without undue distractions that might take away from the message.

· Pray that the Gospel would be clearly and precisely presented.

· Pray for a spirit of unity and purpose among the members present.

This has already been a great week of spiritual victory. James went to visit a man named Miguel, the son of a shop owner we know here in town. He asked for a visit because there was Satanic cult paraphernalia buried in his backyard and he felt oppressed by its presence. Well, the short story is that God gave James a divine opportunity and both Miguel and his girlfriend got saved right there in that same backyard! What had been a place of Satanic worship became the site over which the angels rejoiced! Please pray they will begin to attend church and show signs of growth.

By His grace alone,

James & Amy

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