Christmas Banquet

Thank you for praying for the teens’ Christmas banquet. With the help and close supervision of the youth committee, ten teens planned and executed a Christmas banquet in order to raise funds to go to camp. They did a great job preparing and serving the food and raised about 50% of the needed funds!

Praise the Lord for seven unsaved visitors who heard the Gospel! Two indicated they would like to trust Christ. Please pray as we follow up with those.

We are also proud of our oldest son, who accompanied James for their first musical special together! You can see the video here.

Please pray for the teens as well as the children who are going to camp in January, that the Lord would begin to work in each of their lives and hearts even now.

By His grace alone,

James & Amy

1 thought on “Christmas Banquet

  1. You are doing a great job. We pray for you and trust that the next few months will be very fruitful. God bless you. Keep up the g ood work Reynold Lemp

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