Religious Survey Results

We recently shared with you about our church-wide soul winning this month. (Click here for the full article.) Each group took a religious survey to help initiate a conversation that would lead into sharing the Gospel. We would love to share the results of those surveys with you after we are able to take more and get a better representation of the population. So far, though, they fall in line with a national survey taken in 2008.

76.5 % Roman Catholic

11.3 % Indifferent (e.g. Agnostic, Atheist)

7.9% Pentecostal

1.2% Jehovah’s Witness

1.1% Other Evangelical (Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Seventh Day Adventist, and Universal Church of the Kingdom of God)

0.9% Mormon

No matter what religion people claimed, they were each asked, “Where do you think you will go when you die?” Too many times the response was, “No doubt, directly to hell.” How sad to live such a hopeless life! That is why we are here, to share the hope found in Christ alone! So, you see, there is yet much to do in Argentina! We need your prayers.

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