10 Years on the Field!

September 11, 2005 – We said “see you later” to our precious friends and family in the States! Two days later we began a beautiful new chapter in our lives labeled, “Argentina”!

airport 2015airport usa

On September 13, 2005 we arrived in our new home, Buenos Aires, Argentina! There have been many ups and downs during the past 10 years, but I would not trade them for any other life! God is so good to us, more than we deserve. God is faithful to stretch us and give us His grace in the trials. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

September 2005

September 2005

As we have gone through trials, moments of uncertainty and seen many other missionaries come and go, only by God’s grace are we still here! This is not just a story of God’s faithfulness in our lives; it is the story of God’s hand at work in many lives, during many years prior to arriving on the field – our sending pastor, Travis Smith, who was (and still is) our #1 cheerleader, our supporting churches who help us financially and in prayer, as well as our family and friends who respect and even admire God’s calling on our lives to serve Him in a far-away place. Thank you to each one who has had a a part in not just our getting to the field, but also to remain faithful to our calling.




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