Pilar is a city in the province of Buenos AiresArgentina. It has a population of nearly 300,000 inhabitants. Pilar is part of the Greater Buenos Aires urban conurbation and is the head of the administrative division of Pilar Partido.

Pilar is the site where the Treaty of Pilar was signed on February 231820, establishing the basis for Argentine federalism. Because of this relevant event, the city of Pilar is acknowledged as the “Cradle of National Federalism”. This Treaty marked the end of the war between the provinces of Entre Ríos and Santa Fe against Buenos Aires.

Pilar has experienced a huge demographic expansion, especially in the last decade, that brought with it both a great economic increase and the rapid development of a prominent city.

The city is also known as being an exclusive residential hideaway from downtown Buenos Aires where primarily upper class families own top real estate parlors located in private country clubs.  The city’s population swells up to 600,000 on weekends!