A Gift with Eternal Rewards

Credit cards may offer you cash back or reward points on all your purchases, but God has an even better offer – fruit that abounds to your heavenly account (Phil. 4:17)!


Thank you for the generous gifts toward the building fund many of you have already given this year! 100% of those funds have been spent on building supplies. By God’s grace, all the labor has been given voluntarily either from work teams from supporting churches or from our church people themselves.


Typical Saturday lunchtime with volunteer work force


As of today, we are almost ready to pour the floor for the second floor and then it will be ready for the metal roof. We need to go ahead and purchase all the materials for the roof this month so that it will be ready to install in January. That will cost about $10,000 to complete.  Would you pray about giving toward this need this Christmas, whether as an individual, family, Sunday School class or church?

Gifts can be sent to our mission board at:

Baptist World Mission

PO Box 2149

Decatur, Alabama  35602

Paypal-logo-20141 Or you can send your gift directly to our PayPal account here: paypal.me/GreenwoodFamily.


Thank you for prayerfully considering giving toward this need to help the project move forward!



Special Speaker

Tonight we had a special speaker for our Wednesday evening service, Dr. Brian Carruthers. (I thought “Greenwood” was difficult to pronounce in Spanish, but try saying all those r’s in his last name!) Dr. Carruthers is Dean of the School of Education at our alma mater, Bob Jones University. He, along with his wife and two of his daughters, is in Buenos Aires to teach a seminary class at a sister church. He gave a very timely and necessary devotional, while James translated.

One burden that we were able to share with Dr. Carruthers is the need for single missionary teachers. We have continual requests for English as a Second Language classes, and cannot keep up with the demand. We would love for an education major to commit to one year to live here and teach ESL as an evangelistic tool as well as help Amy out with homeschooling the kids. If you or someone you know would be interested in this type of position, please contact us.