Spiritual Growth

church planting handsIf you have ever planted a garden, you know the wonder and excitement of a sprout that comes up overnight or watching a flower blossom. Usually, though, day-to-day growth takes place that cannot be seen right away. Just the same, the plant is nourished and is becoming healthy and strong. With preaching, discipleship classes and the Bible institute, we know that steady growth is happening because of the fruit that is evident.

One example of that fruit is the “one-another” love demonstrated in our church body.  Members are helping and reaching out to each other as we have never seen before. One lady goes to visit a “senior saint” each week on her way to disciple a new believer. Some of the men helped re-roof one family’s house. Many donated food, clothing and blankets for flood victims at a sister church. Folks are praying for each other just as much as they are praying for lost souls. It’s amazing…and it’s God’s work!


Potential Property!

I don’t know about you, but I thought I would never get to write this…  We found property!!  Yes, that is correct; we have found a piece of property for sale that would be ideal for our church.  The lot is 10,763 square feet (about ¼ acre) with a house large enough that we could initially use for the church, and then expand it later. So, we could basically move right in, making modifications as we go. It is in a very accessible location by bus or car. They are asking $120,000, which is about $96,000 more than we have right now.  Please pray for the Lord to provide the remaining funds.

 Click here to view “Investment in Eternity” video

If you have questions about the land fund project, you can read more details here.  If the Lord would have you to give toward this need, you can send a check to Baptist World Mission marked “Greenwood Church Land Fund.” If you would like to give a smaller amount each month instead of a one-time gift, Baptist World Mission has simplified that process with automated giving: http://baptistworldmission.org/automated-giving.html.


Happy 2nd Anniversary IBIP!

Happy 2nd anniversary to Iglesia Bautista Independiente del Pilar!

Our hearts are overwhelmed as we reflect on God’s goodness in the life of this church body.  Every face you see here represents a life that has been changed in some way by God’s amazing grace.  Watch a video summary here.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/39603017]

The Lord blessed our special anniversary services with about 25 visitors among the three days.  Our people invited friends, family, and co-workers.  They made phone calls, passed out invitations to strangers, and certainly did their part.  Though we saw no immediate fruit in the way of salvation decisions, we did see God work through the preaching of His Word.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the two new believers James baptized.  Delia was saved in our church just over a year ago, while Jaime was saved a few years ago while still living in Peru. They were both discipled and then married in our church as well.  They finished the new members’ class last week and then followed the Lord in believer’s baptism.