Meeting Where? When?

This past Thursday James and Benjamin Leonov met with the Director of Community Relations for the Municipality of Pilar with the intention of finding out if the city has a building available that we could use once a week for our Bible studies. The meeting went well. At least it was opportunity to make more contacts in Pilar. It may result in a meeting with the mayor. We will let the Lord work out the final details. Many politicians make promises, but we trust God to do His perfect will.

On Friday, we invited Benjamin and his family over for dinner, where we discussed the next step in the church-planting process. Over the next month, we plan on contacting all of our contacts in Pilar who have expressed interest in being a part of our church. We would like to introduce ourselves, explain our goals, and get to know them some as well. From there, we will launch our first weekly Bible studies. Please pray for wisdom on our part as well as a building in which to begin meeting.

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