Pilar Centro
We had a great service Sunday morning (6/14) with a total of 26. It is so encouraging that a majority of these folks are families. (Last week there were 8 husbands there.) One husband usually comes alone, but after a good counseling session the day before, his wife and son joined him for the first time in several months! Please pray for the Lord to strengthen Fabio and Carina’s marriage.
The people are excited and energized, as well as relieved, to have possession of the new church building. James and a few men will begin some of the renovations this week, and then on Saturday we will have our first church-wide workday and a planning meeting. We have lots of ideas for finally beginning formal evangelism, but we want to make sure it’s not just a program, but true effective outreach to the lost of Pilar.
Pilar Nuevo
Saturday night we invited a new convert, Pablo, and his family over for dinner. Pablo has been growing by leaps and bounds in his weekly discipleship with James. What a joy!
They live in another gated community here in Pilar. Our prayer is that we could begin evangelism in not just our neighborhood, but others as well. Making contacts “behind the gates” is the best way to get into these communities.

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