God’s Grace and Goodness at Work

Way back in our February prayer letter, we recounted the following story:

Several weeks ago, Pastor Schmidt (our furlough replacement missionary) began to invite the men of the church to come to the Sunday morning service early in order to pray for souls to be saved and the church to grow. (It’s one thing to ask a Latin to be on time, but arrive early?!?) Well, the first Sunday there were nine men, and then it grew to 16, and then 28 men!

This past Sunday they finished praying and began the service. Two first-time visitors, a couple, came in and sat down. At the time of the invitation, the lady trusted Christ!  They later said that they had been walking around town that very morning looking for a church. They found nothing, so were on their way back to the bus station when they passed our building and heard the congregation singing hymns. It’s times like this when you know it’s all God’s work, and we just need to remain faithful.

Jaime and Delia

Jaime grew up as an orphan on the streets of Peru, got saved at 18 years old through some folks witnessing on the street corner, and God continued to bring Christians in his life along the way. He and Delia moved to Argentina to look for work. They were unchurched, but God was working in Jaime’s heart. One night he was scrolling through radio stations and came across Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN). He began to listen every single night, and God placed a desire in his heart to look for a church with the same teaching. That’s when they “stumbled” upon our church. They didn’t even realize until they finally took the time to read through our welcome packet later in the week that we are a supporter of BBN and vice versa. That was the deal maker for them!

Since February, they have continued to attend church faithfully, bringing new visitors all the time! They have led several of their family members and neighbors to the Lord! Even today, they brought a neighbor, Daniel, who was just released from prison, and his wife, Luisa. Apparently Daniel got saved while in jail. However, today was the day the angels were to rejoice over Luisa’s decision to trust Christ as her Savior!

One important and essential component in Jaime and Delia’s phenomenal spiritual growth is discipleship. Church members Ramon and Liliana meet with them weekly to study Basics for Believers. They even invite people to their home to participate in the study!  This is the JOY in missions and ministry!

Ramon, Jaime, Delia, and Liliana

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