Second Service Launch

Today was the big day to launch our second service! We were simply out of space and the best solution was to add an additional service. This would not only give more space to grow, but the alternate time would allow those who can’t come in the morning the opportunity to attend in the afternoon. Sure enough, a new family came in the afternoon! The members who volunteered to switch to the afternoon in order to help with ushering and teaching children’s church are excited too! They said it’s like being a part of a brand new church plant and they can’t wait for the auditorium to fill up all over again in the afternoon service!

Another advantage is the discipleship classes. We have men and women’s classes before the morning services (what would normally be the Sunday School hour). In order to be able to offer discipleship classes before the afternoon service, we had to get help! So, the morning group is taking turns teaching their classes and we are teaching the afternoon classes. For all the church body this is a stretching exercise that will help us to not only grow numerically, but also in our service and our faith. Pray for us!

Another praise is that two new families have been coming for about a month and have expressed they’d like to join! We’ll be starting that process with them this week.

Thank you for your faithful prayers,

James & Amy

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