Jr. High Camp

The Lord blessed us with a great week at Jr. High summer camp. James was the main speaker for the week. He had to drink a caffeine-loaded Coke before each service to make sure he had lots of energy for this age group! There were 4 professions of faith and over half of the campers made other important decisions. Praise the Lord for the tender hearts of these kids.

Amy thought she was just going to help her husband, but they needed another female counselor. So, she ended up pulling double duty! It was tiring, but a blessing to her to lead two girls to Christ and have an impact in the lives of the girls in her group.

Counseling Time

Our team flag…and the winners of the week!!

We are so proud of Jaden, who was chosen as one of the “Campers of the Week.” He was very encouraged to get to be around Christian boys his age.

Game Time

Campers of the week from each team

One of the campers from our church, Elias, memorized all the Scripture verses and was able to recite most of them in front of the whole camp for a chance to win extra points for his team. We are so proud of him!

We still have two more groups of campers left to go… Thank you for your prayers!

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