July Update

Discipleship – The youth and adults have just finished studying With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray. The men’s leadership class is about halfway through studying Training of the Twelve by A. B. Bruce.  In order to consolidate three separate discipleship class times, we are changing things up to offer one class time for men and women on Sunday evenings, beginning in August. We are praying this change will help unify the members and give us more time for other ministry opportunities.

Land Fund – A big THANK YOU to Calvary Baptist in Huntsville and Hendrix Road Baptist in Florence, Alabama, for their generous gifts this month toward the property fund.  Church folks continue to give to the land fund as well. They have given over $15,000 US! However, as the Argentine peso devalues, it takes even more pesos to equate to one US dollar.  Please pray with us specifically that God would provide $100,000 more, and that we would be able to make this purchase by October.

Our rental contract did expire in June, but the landlord is allowing us to go month to month at an increased rate until December.  If we don’t have another building by then, we’ll have to sign another contract.

Insecurity as an Open Door – Have you ever opened the daily newspaper and seen the topic “Insecurity,” alongside the other major topics of Politics, Economy, and Sports? Such is the case in Argentina these days. As prices continue to increase because of 25% inflation and the Argentine peso devalues daily, the future is very uncertain. Crime is on the rise as desperation grows. Robberies, kidnappings, and workers’ strikes are a daily occurrence. Just last week, fellow BWM missionaries in Argentina were robbed at gunpoint in their home. Please pray for safety for your missionaries in these turbulent times.  Please also pray that when folks come to an end of themselves, we will have an open door to share the Gospel!



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