Sacred Concert

We praise the Lord for the ministry of the missions team from Maranatha Baptist Bible College in Pilar on Friday.  They have sent a team, hosted by fellow missionary in Buenos Aires, Ron Self, to Argentina since 2008.  Each year the team is composed of a different group of students, but the same Heavenly Father works through them.

You can find videos of the concert on our YouTube channel, Iglesia Bautista Pilar.  We want to share their last song with you though, an arrangement of Amazing Grace in English and Spanish.  It was a blessing to our hearts to hear the words of this well-known hymn sung in our native tongue, but when our beloved Argentine friends in the congregation joined in, it was a little piece of Heaven on earth!  One day all who know Christ as Savior will all worship our Lord all together, from every tribe and nation.  What a glorious day that will be!

Thank you to our faithful supporters and prayer warriors who help to keep us on the field.  One day when you get to Heaven you will get to meet the souls that were saved and the lives that we changed because of the financial support that you send to enable us to be here and your intercession on our behalf.

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