Grace and Grace…

Devotional thoughts from our home pastor… He has sent out devotionals in an e-mail format before, but this is just the beginning publishing on the internet! It is a blessing for us to receive encouragement from God’s Word from our home church–5,000 miles away! Isn’t technology wonderful when used for God’s glory?

"From The Heart of A Shepherd" by Pastor Travis D. Smith

Grace and Graceless

(Matthew 18:23-35)

GRACE is on the endangered list in our churches and society. It seems everyone is demanding their rights, benefits and favors, all the while manifesting little of the same toward others. 

Matthew 18 is one of the great chapters in the Bible that offers instruction in the exercise of Forgiveness and the application of GRACE. Peter had asked, “Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him?” (Mt. 18:21). Peter magnanimously suggested that forgiving seven offenses would be “gracious plenty”!  Imagine his shock when the Lord stated, “Until seventy times seven”(Mt. 18:22). In other words, GRACE and forgiveness are limitless…otherwise it would no longer be GRACE.

The parable that follows (Mt. 18:23-35) illustrates a servant who was the recipient of abundant GRACE [forgiven a debt estimated to be in excess of $10,000,000 by today’s standard], but who failed to extend…

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