“Stop Studying…? We can’t do that!”

Thirteen weeks ago we began small discipleship groups on Sunday nights – one group for men, one for ladies, and one for teen girls. Twenty three folks participated – that’s about HALF our Sunday morning attendance average!

Our idea is to offer various classes each semester. (Here in the Southern Hemisphere, that would mean March through June and then August through November.) As we neared the end of this study, we asked who would be interested in beginning another one. The “catch” was that we will not be able to finish it with them, since we are going on furlough. So, each group would have to have folks take turns teaching.

The response was overwhelming! As the ladies considered the question of whether to go ahead and begin a new study or wait until March, one replied, “Stop studying until March? We can’t do that!!” The men and teens are excited about it as well. So, we have ordered books for each class already, which will run September 5 through the end of November. The men are using Twelve Ordinary Men and the ladies are using Twelve Extraordinary Women, both by John MacArthur.

We give God the glory for the desire of each of our church folks to grow in their spiritual walk. These Sunday night groups have been the highlight of our week as we dig into God’s Word together and hear testimonies of how God is working in each of their lives. Please pray for this internal growth to continue, and that it will lead to greater service for Him.

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