September Prayer Letter

New Discipleship Classes

We recently finished Changed Into His Image in small discipleship groups on Sunday nights. Twenty three folks participated—that’s about HALF our Sunday morning adult attendance average! As we neared the end of this study, we asked who would be interested in beginning another one. The “catch” was that we will not be able to finish it with them, since we are going on furlough.

The response was overwhelming, with 25 signed up. We give God the glory for the desire of each of our church folks to grow in their spiritual walk. These Sunday night groups have been the highlight of our week as we dig into God’s Word together and hear testimonies of how God is working in each of their lives. Please pray for this internal growth to continue, and that it will lead to greater service for Him.  Read more…

James with his men’s group

Teen Picnic

Already having a jump-start last month to the youth ministry from the Mikado mission team, we had a wonderful spirit and turn-out at a youth picnic this month. Three of the 16 teens present were the fruit of the ministry of Mikado. Once again, the youth committee did a great job planning and executing the activities. We are proud of the way they have sought to encourage the teens to dig into God’s Word.

One of the teens saved last month, Sara, has already begun basic discipleship with an older teen girl, Cecilia. We have found that if we can get new believers “plugged in” right away, the retention rate is much higher. Praise the Lord for the willingness of Cecilia to serve in this way.

Teens playing Bible search game

“Discipleship is nurturing immature believers to maturity in Christ so that they are equipped to serve God effectively, especially in reproducing themselves in other converts.”

– Frederick, The Making of a Disciple

Family Matters

On August 22 we celebrated Josiah’s (our “baby”) 8th birthday! Upon his request, we took him racing at a go-kart racetrack. Click here for a short video.

The Lord has been gracious to allow us to build a house here in Pilar. After a variety of setbacks, we are working hard to prepare it for our furlough- replacement missionaries. Please pray for the Lord to help us get it livable and comfortable for them.


· New discipleship classes

· Sunday morning attendance average is now 58

· Church property fund – $960

· God’s continual provision

Prayer Requests

· Furlough preparations – home and ministry

· Willing and able men to train for leadership positions in the church

· Salvation of Claudia, Mele, and Marina

· Monthly support – 89%

· Wisdom and funds to purchase property for the church to build their own building

Looking Ahead

· September 3 – Lauren’s 10th birthday

· September 5 – begin new discipleship classes

· September 11 – teen activity

· September 18 – Amy speaking at ladies’ meeting at a sister church

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