April Prayer Letter

Celebrating Growth

When a child celebrates his first birthday, his parents are filled with awe at the miracle of life, pride for the developmental progress he has made, thankfulness for his health, nostalgia at all the sweet memories that brought them to this monumental day, and excitement about what the future will bring. These emotions are even more compounded for a firstborn. In a very real sense, we “gave birth” to our first church plant one year ago, and these are the emotions we experienced when we celebrated its first birthday. Click here to see a short video of the event.

After we put away the party hats and streamers, it was time to get down to business at our first annual business meeting. We officially elected a secretary, treasurer, education director, and cleaning director. We also presented this year’s goals to train male leaders, teach personal evangelism, and work toward moving to our own property. We are thankful for the faithfulness of our people in giving as well. Currently, the church is paying 100% of the rent and all the utility bills. That is just another step toward independence!

Land Update

Thank you to Calvary Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama, for their generous gift toward our land fund last month! It was an incredible encouragement to our church people, who have already given over $3,200 since last June. The land offerings and gifts now total $6,930. Our desire is to be out of the rented facility and in our own building by June 2012. That may seem far away, but it really only gives us 15 months to raise approximately $100,000, locate and purchase an appropriate piece of property, and build at least a functional building. If God would have you to give toward this need, you can send a check to Baptist World Mission marked “Greenwood Church Land Fund.”


Time to Say Goodbye

You would think that goodbyes would get easier for missionaries, but we really had a tough time seeing the Quaglia family move to Miami. They have been the closest thing to family to us here in Argentina. Pray for God to bring along others to serve in their place in the church and to be friends to us and our children.



· 17 visitors and 1 salvation at our first anniversary services

· $6,930 in land fund

· Jaden turned 12 years old!

· New discipleship groups to start this month

Prayer Requests

· Wisdom and funds to purchase property for the church to build their own building

· Men’s leadership class

· New discipleship groups

· Two couples to teach the youth discipleship groups

· Monthly support – 93%

“When Jesus commanded us to ‘make disciples,’ He meant more than converts or church members; He meant those who take up their cross daily and follow Him.”

–Bill Hull, The Disciple-Making Pastor: Leading Others on the Journey of Faith


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